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AtoZ is sensitive towards environmental issues and promotes its "Clean India, Green India" initiatives amongst workforce, clients, vendors & associates alike.
We assure our clients measurable and best possible returns on their investment backed by globally accepted business practices at par with international standards. Being a professional managed company, we have earned the faith and trust of clients, who are satisfied enough to have a long lasting business relationship with us.
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We maintain highest standards of quality to help your business grow better.
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Backed by a talented team and our industry excellence, we are able to provide most bountiful and prolific solutions to our clients. Our flexible services meet the ever rising market demands and clients' expectations. Our services are executed with the help of industry professionals and experts, who ensure that timely completion and cost-effectiveness are the two most important aspects a service provider should fulfill. Our industrial proficiency allows us to effectively meet the clients' demands, be it in a commercial environment or industrial space. Our team executes the projects in accordance with the needs and requirement of customers. 

The distinguished services that we offer are :
Facade/Glass Cleaning
Exterior of the building determines the reputation of the company and if, front elevation of your building is made of glass, cleaning of façade / glass comes in priority work list. The exterior of buildings is affected continuously by weather such as heat, wind, snow, rain etc. Therefore, it is a must to maintain buildings using facade cleaning service. An important aspect of facade cleaning is the health and safety of the manpower. Before commencing the service, we ensure our manpower is insured and aware of health and safety regulations..
For the same AtoZ team provides:

High range façade cleaning services through trolleys or spider man.

Façade cleaning services upto reachable approach through telescopic rod.

Glass cleaning service of windows, doors through telescopic rod and glass squeeze.
Carpets & upholstery are ideal accessories that can change the interiors of your office and these assets have a way of blending to give it an attractive look, but if these assets are in dirty condition, then it will not leave good impression to the employees, clients & visitors.

As best carpet cleaners in Northern India, AtoZ is equipped with modern machines such as Dry Foam Generator for Carpet Cleaning, Injection-Extraction Shampoo Machine, Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaners and Dry-Cleaning Machines etc. Our expertise extends to cleaning of carpets, sofas and chairs dressed in velvet, cotton tapestry and other inlays.
We would also like to add that we have come up with the latest concept of high quality specialized solution in Carpet & Sofa Shampoo by introducing state of the art equipment, machinery and material to shampoo them.
Well maintained floors give a healthy, vibrant look to whole premises. Apart from the clean appearance, the floors also become a lot shiny in the process. AtoZ team can assist you in making this happen as we have trained experts with a sense of professionalism and customer friendly attitude to meet your requirements. We clean, polish, remove stains and repair most natural stone surfaces to address damages.

For increasing the life of a particular floor surface, proper care is required. AtoZ provide complete floor care designed to meet all needs of Floor Polishing. For long lasting treatment, easier to maintain, safe & stain free floors, you need to protect them against dirt, wear and tear. The best method to achieve this is through our professional Floor Polishing Services.

The Floor Polishing Services for all type of Stone and Marble rendered by us are as under:
Terranova Polish

Noble Polish

Wooden Floor Polish

PVC Floor Polish

Floor Grinding, Polishing & Crystallization

Pest Control

Presence of Pests, rodents & termite such as flies, bugs, ants, roaches and mice in premises can cause a lot of problems for you. It creates unhealthy environment around you and cause the infections and deseases thereby decreasing the efficiency of the workforce, So ensuring pest-free workplace in order to  get rid of the such type of unpleasant atmosphere. termite treatment should be done on priorityas it destroys the infrstructure slowly and build up their hide-outs. To eradicate pests from your space, one of the best options is to call AtoZ team who will take care by the following :

Control measures like Rodent Trappers, Gum Stickers & Drilling injecting chemicals which are effective against pests like cockroaches, silverfish, black ants, red ants, spiders, crickets, rodents, mice & termite, etc. The use of effective spray in the entire drainage and surrounding areas with special reference to pantry, canteen, cupboards, stores, main holes and toilets etc. Dry repellent chemicals along with foods stuff are kept on designated spots for rats to give them a necessary warning and make them run away.

AtoZ services ensure complete & comprehensive protection through our experience pest control technicians.

No matter what types of pest & rodents your business has, AtoZ has a specific solution to it and we can help you get rid of it.
Maintenance of Horticulture & Floriculture is prominently practiced in corporate & multinationals.

Scope of Horticulture & Floriculture Services is as under:

Daily cleaning of Green belts.

Pruning of shrubs, bushes and trees.

Maintenance of lawns, flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees and greenery around the building & all indoor
   and outdoor potted plants etc.

Watering manually & through water sprinklers.

Fertilizers and lime treatment for proper health of plants.

Disposal of good earth debris & dry leaves in an environmentally acceptable manner.

De-weeding including removal of unwanted grass and weeds from cracks and joints within / outside
   building, sidewalksand curbs.

Mowing of lawns & disposal of grass thereafter.

Provision of indoor plants & floral arrangements on rental basis.
Horticulture and Floriculture
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